Google Chrome won’t open?

Someone Asked: Google Chrome won’t open?

It worked perfectly fine yesterday, now when I click on the icon nothing happens. I've had it for years and this has never happened before. Doesn't run from Task Manager either. I don't want to reinstall it because I'll lose all my history, passwords, extensions, bookmarks, etc. Is there anything else I can do? I've already restarted my PC twice. I haven't downloaded anything between it last working and now.

I'm not a computer technician so please don't just post a list of things I don't understand.



Shams Reza Answered:
Restart computer. Or Download it again and install.

Cory Answered:
You won't lose anything if you reinstall, that's the beauty of Chrome. make sure you have a google account synced in just in case. when you run the reinstall chrome will keep user data anyway.
with a synced google acount, however. it doesn't matter if you throw your PC off a bridge into a river. all your preferences and passwords and settings, and bookmarks and history, etc. etc. are saved to you google account online. and when you go to any computer on the face of the planet. (and maybe some in space.) and you sync your google account to the chrome browser this will bring all that info to the pc you're currently on.

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